Always sell with a profit and get more Amazon buy-box entrees to skyrocket your Amazon business.

Why choose Repricehub?

We offer several unique features to make your life easier.

Price monitor

Automatically checks and updates prices and availability of all your products.

  • Updates prices twice an hour, every hour
  • See your entire inventory at a glance
  • Use multiple suppliers (add more on demand)
  • Configure listings in bulk through CSV
Applify - App Landing HTML Template
Applify - App Landing HTML Template

Full integration with Amazon

Repricehub connects to the Amazon API to sync Inventory data directly

  • No third-party software needed
  • Lightning fast price updates
  • Secure and super easy to set up and use

Product lister

List products to your Amazon store directly from Repricehub in a few clicks

  1. Input Amazon ASIN and supplier product link
  2. Setup your payment policy and profit
  3. Done! Your listing is live on Amazon
Applify - App Landing HTML Template
Applify - App Landing HTML Template

Dynamic BuyBox repricing

Make more sales and win more Buy Boxes with our competitive repricing strategy

  • Win up to 300% more Buy Boxes
  • No additional fees for repricing
  • Available on all plans


  • Direct integration with Amazon, no third party software is required

  • Never sell at a loss or out of stock with our fast and accurate updates

  • Affordable plans, starting at $49

  • Live support 7 days a week

  • Integrated competitive BuyBox repricing algorithm

Other Services

  • Don’t reprice products directly in Amazon, need another expensive software

  • Lose money because of slow and unreliable updates

  • Up to 3x more expensive, even without the third party apps required

  • Email support that takes days to hear from

  • Use third party apps for BuyBox repricing


Get started in 3 Easy Steps


Add Amazon seller account

Follow the three simple steps during setup to connect your Amazon store.


Create payment policies

Add a profit margin, Amazon and supplier tax, fees and other settings in your listing policies. Repricehub will update the price and quantity of your listings based on that.


Link your Amazon listings and supplier products

Insert the supplier product URL for each corresponding Amazon listings and choose a policy to apply. You can do it one listing at a time or in bulk.


Get a plan that suits you best.