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A Step by Step Blueprint to Your Own 6 Figure Amazon Dropshipping Business

(No Inventory or Startup $ Needed)

Build a profitable
Amazon Dropshipping business in a few days

Be location independend and your own boss!

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A Detailed Guide to Get You Started

Master all the skills of dropshipping on Amazon, from opening your store to finding profitable products to sell. Explore effective techniques for managing your dropshipping business and handling various challenges.

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Manage and Scale Your Store

Dive into the daily operations of a top-tier Amazon seller! By the end of this course, you will have all the necessary tools and strategies to effectively handle a wide range of customer service, order tracking, and order processing scenarios.

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Master the Business

Unlock the secrets of Alex's store success as he shares his advanced techniques that will propel your own growth. Discover a plethora of automation tricks and ingenious ideas to maximize your profitability.

Repricehub course

Created by top 1% Udemy instructor and 3x Amazon best seller Alex Genadinik 

Our course is currently offered for FREE

Consistent information gathered carefully to provide you with all the info in a shorter viewing time

Alex shows dropshipping tips and tricks you will not find in any other course

Other courses

Often created by an average instructor with no significant track record or notable success in the field

Most courses on Amazon dropshipping cost hundreds to thousands of dollars in upfront payment

Lengthy and boring content that lacks actionable steps and provides no real guidance in the process

Lack of exclusive content, leaving you without valuable insider knowledge

Are you ready to join?

Level up your Dropshipping skills

Transform the way you earn income

amazon dropshipping

The Dropshipping Model

Learn the different selling methods on Amazon and discover why dropshipping is the optimal choice to begin your e-commerce journey.

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Amazon Account Set-up

A comprehensive step-by-step guide to help you create a Seller Central account on Amazon and set it all up for dropshipping.

product research

Finding Profitable Products

Certainly, one of the most important parts of the business. Alex will walk you through his entire process of finding good products to sell.

automation tools

Using Automation Software

Discover the essential dropshipping tools that are a must-have and learn how to set up and use them effectively.

account health - Copy

Account Health

Keeping your account metrics intact is crucial to sustaining your business long-term. Find out what makes a good store.

amazon dropshipping cashback

Maximizing Profits

Learn how to earn more from your sales. Alex will teach you his advanced strategies that can dramatically increase your profits.


What students say

Client testimonial

I gotta say, I was skeptical at first, but this course is actually great. The step-by-step lessons are super easy to follow, and I'm already seeing a massive increase in sales. Highly recommend it!

Maria Garcia

Amazon seller

Client testimonial

If you wanna make serious moolah with dropshipping, I suggest that you give that course a try. The instructor's insights and practical tips are priceless. What I like the best is its free!

Alejandro Ramirez

Shopify seller

Client testimonial

Wow, this course is a game-changer! Seriously, my dropshipping business has exploded since I started implementing some of the strategies taught here. 

Ahmed Khan

Amazon and eBay dropshipper

Client testimonial

Okay, so I'm a total newbie in dropshipping, but this course made it stupidly simple for me to get started. The instructor breaks everything down in a way that even your grandma could understand. It's a no-brainer for me.

Li Wei

Amazon wholesale dropshipper

Client testimonial

This course is the real deal, folks. I've taken other dropshipping courses, but none of them come close to the value packed into this one. Trust me, you won't regret taking it.

Sophie Dubois

Amazon dropshipper

Client testimonial

I thought I knew everything about dropshipping but decided to take the course as it is free. Turns out, I got a lot more to learn, so I'm happy I spent the time to watch it.

Emma Müller

Amazon dropshipper

Course lectures

Enjoy more than two hours of educational content

Course curriculum

Meet your Instructor

To create the perfect course, we have teamed up with Alex Genadinik - a top 1% Udemy instructor

and a 3-time Amazon bestselling author

Alex Genadinik

Alex Genadinik is an entrepreneur, author, and business coach known for his work in the field of online business and marketing. He has developed several successful online ventures and has been involved in various entrepreneurial projects. Genadinik is recognized for his expertise in areas such as e-commerce, mobile app development, and online course creation.

He has authored multiple books on topics like social media marketing, starting a business, and entrepreneurship. Additionally, Genadinik has created a significant online presence through his YouTube channel, where he shares insights, tips, and strategies related to entrepreneurship and online business.

Alex Genadinik's work primarily revolves around helping individuals and businesses leverage the power of the internet to achieve their goals. He provides guidance on topics like digital marketing, business strategy, and product development through his various online platforms.

Are you ready to join?

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