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Buy Box Repricer

Automatically make more sales with our intelligent repricing strategies

AI-Powered Repricing

Crush the competition and boost your revenue using our smart pricing algorithms

Win up to 300% more Buy Boxes

Boost your profits with our AI-powered algorithms

Create your own custom repricing strategy

Included in every Repricehub plan

Amazon dropshipping


All-in-one solution with listing, repricing and order management combined

Never lose money or sell out-of-stock products with our fast and accurate supplier monitor

Clear and affordable prices starting at just $49/mo

LIVE chat support 7 days a week ready to help you with your business

Other services

Use a separate repricer and price monitor and always something breaks in the middle

Sell out-of-stock products and potentially lose your Amazon account because of unreliable updates

Much more expensive and complicated pricing structures

Email or ticket support that takes days to hear from

Get started in 3 Easy Steps


Add your Amazon seller account

Follow the simple steps during setup to connect your Amazon store.


Create payment policies and repricing strategies

Add a profit margin, supplier tax, fees and other settings in your listing policies, then create a competition repricing strategy.


Link your Amazon listings and supplier products

Insert the supplier product URL for each corresponding Amazon listings and choose a policy to apply. You can do it one listing at a time or in bulk.


Client testimonial

"Repricehub is like having a virtual assistant that ensures I will never lose money on a sale which is the ultimate goal of any business."

Bryan Guerra

Founder of Invert Media

Client testimonial

"This is the only tool you need that will help you to organize your Amazon dropshipping business."

Andrei Kreicbergs

Amazon seller, mentor and youtuber

Client testimonial

"It will take you all day to do the manual work which Repricehub does for you automatically on a daily basis."

Alex Genadinik

3-time Amazon bestselling author

Client testimonial

"It is great that you can just input an Amazon ASIN and directly list your product on Amazon."

Carl Ritchie

Entrepreneur at MakingRitchieRich

Client testimonial

"The reason I use Repricehub is first of all it is cheap and it checks prices every half an hour, so it is really fast."

Zain Shah

E-commerce entrepreneur

Client testimonial

"This tool will help you a lot to avoid getting orders while your product is out of stock. It works!"

Zain Ahmad

Founder of Easy Teach WF

Client testimonial

"You have a ton of suppliers, automatic stock management, and dynamic repricing making Repricehub super powerful."

Joseph Torregrossa

E-commerce seller and youtuber

Client testimonial

"Gone are the days of dealing with the hassle of products being out of stock and missed opportunities for sales."

Furqan Javaid

Amazon seller and youtuber

Client testimonial

"I use Repricehub because they have a lot of suppliers and even if they don't have yours - they would add it for you."

Marc Augustine

Entrepreneur and youtuber

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