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Top 10 Best Tools for Amazon Sellers in 2024

Feeling overwhelmed by all you need to do as an Amazon seller? You're not alone! Selling on Amazon is exciting, but it can also be a lot of work. Keeping track of prices, managing inventory, and protecting your brand takes time and energy.

Fortunately, there's help! These 10 best Amazon tools sellers give you the power to handle these challenges, so you can focus on growing your business.


Manually monitoring competitor prices and updating your Amazon listings is time-consuming and inefficient, leading to lost sales and missed Buy Box opportunities. Finding profitable new products to sell on Amazon can be challenging without the right data and insights. Creating and optimizing product listings for multiple products can be also tedious and prone to errors.

Repricehub provides a comprehensive suite of tools designed to streamline your Amazon selling operations. Its core automated repricing feature uses real-time competitor data and customizable rules to intelligently adjust your prices, maximizing your chances of winning the Buy Box while protecting your profit margins.

The platform also simplifies product listing management with Lister, allowing you to create optimized listings directly within Repricehub. Stay ahead of the competition with Price Monitor, tracking competitor pricing strategies and quickly identifying opportunities to improve your pricing. Lastly, Repricehub's in-depth data and research tools empower you to uncover profitable product niches and reliable suppliers.

Repricehub empowers Amazon sellers to overcome common challenges, save time, increase profits, and scale their businesses effectively.

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Setting prices without historical Amazon price data can lead to missed profit opportunities or pricing yourself out of the market. Not understanding how product demand changes over time can also result in stocking products that don't sell as quickly as expected.

Keepa is a powerful tool dedicated to tracking pricing trends and providing historical data on Amazon products. It offers price history charts, allowing you to visualize how prices for any Amazon product have changed over time.

This helps you make strategic pricing decisions and identify market trends. Keepa also tracks a product's sales rank, so you can understand how its popularity changes over time. This data is vital for predicting demand and making informed choices about your inventory. 

Lastly, Keepa's price drop alerts allow you to get notified when products you're interested in reach a target price, letting you capitalize on deals or keep an eye on the competition.

Product Research Tool

Sourcing profitable products on Amazon is a major challenge, especially when you're juggling it with all your other seller tasks. Finding products with good sales potential, understanding the competition, and ensuring long-term demand takes a lot of time and effort.

Powered by Repricehub, Product Research simplifies and accelerates your online arbitrage product sourcing. You can access a massive, constantly updated product database from multiple suppliers, saving you hours of manual research. Get instant, accurate search results to make quick, data-driven decisions.

You can also refine your searches with powerful filters for profit, ROI, price, and keywords. Save promising products to your Wishlist for later review and comparison. Seamlessly list your top finds directly to your Amazon Seller Central account.

Repricehub even calculates your potential profits, including fees, discounts, and taxes. Expand your sourcing options with our ever-growing network of suppliers.

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Amazon Seller App

Running a successful Amazon business requires constant attention, but being chained to a computer limits your freedom. Sellers often find it difficult to keep track of their store's performance, quickly change prices, or answer customer questions when they're not at their desks.

The Amazon Seller app puts your business in your pocket, giving you the tools to manage it anywhere. Monitor your sales numbers and product listings easily from your phone. Update inventory and adjust prices on the fly to stay ahead of the competition. Get notified instantly about new customer reviews, questions, or urgent issues. Respond quickly through the app to keep your customers happy and protect your reputation.

Inventory Management

Managing product prices and availability based on constantly changing supplier data is a headache for Amazon sellers. Manually adjusting each listing is time-consuming and error-prone. Repricehub's Inventory Management feature eliminates this problem.

Here's how it helps:

Repricehub constantly monitors your suppliers' websites. If it detects a price increase or an item goes out of stock, it automatically updates your Amazon listings accordingly. This ensures you're always selling at a profitable margin and never disappointing customers with unavailable products.

This also prevents you from having worries that you won’t be able to ship out your orders because they suddenly went out of stock and you weren’t able to update your listings accordingly.

Repricehub's Inventory Management saves you time, protects your profits, and improves your customer experience.


Amazon sellers need to keep track of how much they sell and what they have in stock. This can be confusing and time-consuming. Chargeflow solves this problem by making inventory and sales data easy to understand.

Chargeflow connects directly to your Amazon account, automatically pulling in all your inventory and sales numbers. This saves you from having to manually enter or track the data yourself.

You get a clear overview of how your products are selling and when you're running low on stock, allowing you to make timely ordering decisions. Chargeflow helps you avoid both stockouts (which lead to missed sales) and overstocking (which means you have money tied up in unsold products).

Chargeflow gives you the information you need to make smart inventory decisions and keep your Amazon business running smoothly.


Staying competitive on Amazon means constantly tracking competitor prices and adjusting your listings. Doing this manually takes hours and still leaves you at risk of missing opportunities. Repricehub's Repricer gives you back that time and helps maximize your profits.

Curious about how this helps Amazon sellers? Here’s how:

Repricer continuously monitors your competitors' prices on Amazon. You set the rules you want it to follow – whether you want to slightly undercut the competition, match their prices, or prioritize profit margins. Repricer then automatically adjusts your listings in real time, ensuring you stay competitive.

This allows you to earn more competitively without worrying about your prices being outdated because of the changing flows in supply and demand trends.

Repricehub Repricer saves you hours of tedious work, helps you win more Buy Box sales, and maximizes your profit potential.

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Sometimes, it's hard to make your products look really good on Amazon. If your pictures and designs aren't attractive, it can be tough to get people to buy from you. But with Canva, a simple design tool, you can easily create nice-looking images for your products.

Canva has lots of easy-to-use features and ready-made designs that help you make your products stand out. By using Canva's tools and templates, you can make your products look more appealing, catch the eye of customers, and sell more on Amazon. Canva is like a helpful friend for Amazon sellers who want to make their products look great and succeed in selling online.


GoLogin is like a secret tool that helps you use many online accounts without any problems. It changes how websites see you, so you can have different profiles for each account. This is great for Amazon sellers, social media users, and others who need to have more than one account.

GoLogin lets you create lots of profiles, store them online, and keep them safe with extra security. It also works with other tools to keep your online activities private and secure. People like GoLogin because it's easy to use and keeps their accounts safe from being blocked. If you need to use multiple accounts online without any issues, GoLogin is the tool for you.

IP-Alert by Seller Assistant

Selling on Amazon comes with risks, and one of the biggest worries is getting hit with an intellectual property (IP) complaint. This means someone claims you're infringing on their trademark, copyright, or another right. IP complaints can hurt your Amazon account and damage your brand's reputation.

IP-Alert by Seller Assistant helps protect you from these problems. The tool automatically tracks and alerts you about any IP complaints related to your products or your brand. This gives you a chance to fix issues quickly before they cause major damage.

IP-Alert also helps you run automatic background checks on your brand to make sure everything is in order before you even start selling on Amazon. By using IP-Alert, you can protect your brand, keep your Amazon account safe, and focus on growing your business.

10 Best Amazon Tools Wrap Up

Running a successful Amazon business requires the right tools in your belt. With these valuable tools, you can streamline your operations, stay informed, and make smarter decisions – all to maximize your profits and protect your brand.

So ditch the guesswork and manual processes – equip yourself with these powerful tools and watch your Amazon business thrive!


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